3 Myths About Boudoir Photography

3 Myths About Boudoir Photography-


1.  It’s Porn!    No, it’s not porn.  Boudoir photography is a tasteful, classy way to show how beautiful and sexy a woman is.  It is not necessary to be nude or even wear lingerie for a boudoir shoot.  You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable inspringfield il boudoir

2.  Boudoir Portraits are only to give to your husband.  Every woman should have a boudoir shoot at least once in her life even if there is no man to give the portraits to.  What a great gift to yourself!  It’s also a great way to celebrate a milestone in your life-such as a weight loss or a monumental birthday.  Turning 50 this year? Give yourself the gift of looking and feeling sexy.  sexy boudoir

3.  Boudoir is for skinny women.  I need to lose weight!  No way!  There is no one body type for boudoir photography.  A skilled boudoir photographer will know how to pose every size woman to flatter her figure.  Consult with your photographer before your session to decide what is the best outfit for your figure.  Woman of all sizes and shapes deserve to feel sexy and confident.boudoir pink lingeriehttp://www.prettypleaseboudoir.com


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I am a boudoir photographer located west of The Woodlands Texas in Montgomery County.
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